Yamicsoft Windows 10 Manager 3.7.0 Crack Free Download 2023

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Yamicsoft Windows 10 Manager 3.7.0 Crack Keygen Download

Yamicsoft Componentes Windows 10 Manager Crack is a comprehensive system utility specially designed for Windows 10. It helps you tune, optimize, and maintain your system. In addition, This program improves the maximum performance of the computer, increases system security, and eliminates the most common errors in the system.

Yamicsoft Windows 10 Manager 3.7.0 Crack Free Download 2023


Yamicsoft Windows 10 Manager free download can create detailed systems, software, and all hardware information installed for your system, including processes, services, issues, and other features.

Yamicsoft Windows 10 Manager 3.7.0 Full Version:

Furthermore, You can use this info section to create restore points and view more information about your device. Then Also, it visualizes and organizes active processes. Likewise, you can fix some problems that you encounter in your system. You can perform multiple tasks instantly with one click, such as cleaning tasks, deleting unwanted files and unnecessary registry entries.

The Yamicsoft Stream Windows 10 Manager activation code:

contains an “optimization” section, which can improve system performance. You should also decide which programs will keep or remove the boot options. Also, you can configure the Start menu and management services or running programs. Above all, it provides the exact version of the software you need. Above all, an improved user interface.

Yamicsoft Componentes Windows 10 Manager Full Crack Serial Key:

It allows you to optimize your system, improve system startup and boot speed, fix random registry entries, remove bits, privacy, improve system services, system services, and tasks that provide an easy way to automatically clean your device system and shutdown with unnecessary intelligence. In addition, It also includes a powerful uninstaller that will help you completely remove unwanted programs from your system.

Windows 10 Manager Crack 3.7.0 With Keygen:

Boost your Internet connection speed, handle all stock things; Tweak the Microsoft Edge, and Internet Explorer easily. Then IP Switcher can change your IP address readily on various networks; edit the Hosts file to accelerate surfing the internet and allow you to get the specified Hosts. Moreover, Show the collection of Windows utilities and pin system things to Taskbar and begin Screen; merge and divide some files.

Yamicsoft Windows 10 Manager 3.7.0 Key Features:


  • Create a system to restore points manually;
  • Get detailed information about your system and hardware, helping you discover key Microsoft products such as Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office;


  • In addition, Adjusts your system to improve performance and increase speed; Manage and configure the Windows start menu as desired;
  • The boot manager monitors all programs that start with Windows startup, checks and repairs advanced startup items to restore harmful changes from viruses;
  • Then Manage and optimize service and system drivers to improve performance;
  • Manage and optimize scheduled tasks to speed up your system.


  • Disk Analyzer can analyze and view the disk space usage of all programs, files, and folders, which determines what captures your disk space and is displayed with a graph;
  • Then Clean the WinSxS folder safely to reduce the storage sizes of the components; Smart Uninstaller can completely remove programs from your system without residual files or registry entries;
  • It may help you cleanly uninstall Windows applications from your computer; Desktop Cleaner can analyze and move shortcuts, files, and folders that are not in use on the desktop to certain folders;


  • In addition Add files, folders, and system items to this PC and the office;
  • Pin files or folders to your desktop, taskbar, or start;
  • Create a quick start item for the jump list in the taskbar;
  • Manage context menus when you right-click on files, folders, etc.;
  • Then Customize the appearance of your system;
  • Modify and add shortcuts executed in the Run dialogue box;
  • Changes Windows Apps and Microsoft Modern UI settings.


  • In addition System modifications, components, UAC, input parameters, adjust various parameters and limit access to readers and programs to improve system security;
  • Protect the security of your sensitive files and folders, encrypt files, and move the system folder to a safe location;
  • Moreover, Privacy Protector guarantees confidentiality and protects sensitive information by eliminating traces;
  • File Undelete restores and restores files that are deleted or formatted on logical drives;
  • Lock certain system features to increase security.


  • In addition, Optimize and modify your Internet connection and network settings;
  • Modifies Microsoft Edge browser settings;
  • The IP switch can easily switch between different network settings;
  • Edit the host file to speed up the Internet browsing system;
  • Wi-Fi Manager can view and manage all of your wireless networks.


  • In addition, Create scheduled tasks or monitors that trigger tasks;
  • View and run a collection of useful utilities that are built into your Windows;
  • Then Divide files into small files or merge them into the original file;
  • Super Copy is a powerful tool for copying files or making backups automatically;
  • Operate your registry easily using the registry tool.

Features of Yamicsoft Windows 10 Manager:

  • Moreover, Master processor, IP switch, and starter.
  • In addition Separate files and folders and delete files.
  • System and network information.
  • Furthermore, Smart uninstaller and boot program.
  • Service manager and creator of shortcuts.
  • Then Context menu editor and customization system.
  • Disk Analyzer and disks and programs.
  • And then One-click cleaning and boot process.
  • Then Privacy and Process Management.
  • Customizable, easy to use, and much more.


What’s New?

  • Info
  • Optimizer
  • Cleaner
  • Customization
  • Safety
  • Network
  • Misc.
  • Utilities

Windows 10 Manager Registration Code [2022]:

Yamicsoft Windows 10 Manager 3.7.0 Crack Free Download 2023

  • TXA6A-KVOV6-5P289-6P808

System Requirements:

  • Windows 10 only (32-bit or 64-bit – all editions)
  • 1 GHz processor
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 50 MB hard disk space available

How to Crack?

  • In addition, Get the Download link by sharing us on your social media account.
  • Then After downloading, extract the RAR. file.
  • Then Uninstall the earlier version of this software (if you have any).
  • Follow the instruction given in the text. file to continue the installation process.

Yamicsoft Windows 10 Manager 3.7.0 Crack Free Download

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